Finding Peace

Being back has been a little hard, I have to admit. For those of you who have traveled away and then come home, hopefully you all understand and I am not alone in this.
Emotions, People, Constant Stimulation and So Much English.
There really isn’t a place for you to get lost in yourself when you make it back stateside.

I am fortunate enough to be unemployed at the moment and have spent just about everyday in the yoga studio.

I returned to Guruvyoga in Lake Mary and have been welcomed back with warm smiles and big hugs. When I am in class, I feel connected to myself, my thoughts and those around me. With this strength, I have also found amazing strength in my practice. The depth in which I find myself in poses and my inner core strength has me up in headstands and back in bends I have never been able to reach.

This past Saturday, Lululemon (a great yoga clothing organization) put on a free yoga in the park for Orlando. There had to have been more than 200 people. It was incredible. The sun was shining and our hour practice lit up the city.

I have found a new power within myself, one of a peaceful mind and a strong heart. I hope that this stays with me and through practice and reading and loving….I promise myself to stay positive and strong.

One comment

  1. Mrs. Nicole!! Im so jealous of your advenutres!! Im happy though I found you again because you proved that it is possible to do this. You're truly amazing and your pictures are too!! I hope you keep posting in the future!! =]


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