we be home for the holidays….

So….for us, the holiday season last year consisted of a Thanksgiving dinner on a quiet moonlit beach near the coast of Indonesia…..I know…awful.

We powered through it though and made the best of it but as we embark on this years holiday season amongst family and friends (all in the midst of the wedding sha-bang) we feel just plain tickled with the love around us.

Nicole and I are fortunate enough to have so many people tickling us (in an appropriate non-incestial way) that we had the luxury of 2 thanksgivings all rolled into one fabu day.

We started somewhere just beneath the ass crack of dawn at 6am and trekked it up to Jacksonville to spend some quality time with Nicole’s fam. Matt and Kryssi orchestrated another outstanding feast with the help of Judy and the kids. It was nice to be at a big thanksgiving dinner again.

Mid afternoon we took the whip back southward to make full whatever room was left in our bellies with momma’s cookin and a few glasses of vino. As expected, mom prepared a masterpiece that would feed 18 times more people than were actually there but I consider it somewhat of a sin to cry about leftovers in the fridge….so I politely ate, and ate, and drank, and ate, and passed gas, and passed out. The end.

Good to be back around all the festivities this time of year. Reminds Nicole and I how lucky we are to have the bodacious circle of family that we do and how the holidays just ain’t right without em.

Thanks for readin,


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