A big tree, an old friend, another year older and a happy Chanukah….

 After the festivities of giving thanks were past, Mom made the commitment to deck the halls asap. Literally, the tree was up the day after Thanksgiving and fully dressed by evenings end. It was obviously extra special for both Nicole and I who had missed out on last years decorating ceremonies. The 12 footer was our families tallest ever and with the wedding growing ever closer, it was only fitting that Nicole (the newest Damiano) topped her off with a brand spankin new angel.

The following week was full of last minute wedding preps and a visit from an old from from NY brotha on his way to a cruise leaving from Port Canaveral.  Mom whipped up some fabu Italian and popped a few bottles of vino which made way for a fantastic night of reminiscing and good times with JB and his very cool girlfriend Amanda.
The next day as it happens every year was the b-day. This year’s magic number was 31 which oddly was easier to swallow than 30. 31 is on the low end of the 30’s spectrum and so it felt ok making the jump.

 It was satisfying to know that in my last year I’d been around the world and back with the most amazing partner on earth only to return home to the most loving and supportive friends and fam a dude could ask fo ….so hey, another year like that….count me in.

On Sunday we capped off the week with a Chanukah dinner at Nicole’s rents place which was really nice. Some amazing turkey, conversation and gift giving made the night memorable. I think the highlight though had to have been Bryce’s face when he opened our gift to him of 70 matchbox cars.

 I can tell you from first hand experience that there really is nothing cooler to a little guy (or 31 year old) than an arsenal of 4 wheeled machines.

Well, not much on the horizon I suppose…
oh wait….we gotta wedding yall!….let do this!!!!!
Thanks for readin,
Adamo Damiano

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