Count Down to I do…

As the wedding was quickly approaching, last minute details were piling up. Back in March, in Korea, we had planned a December wedding in Florida through email and with the communication help of our parents and friends. We had a vision of a long ceremony, in a beautiful location, without much fuss. We hired a great caterer (Charmaine’s Catering), emailed pictures to the florist (Johnathan’s Flowers), reserved the park (Lake Mary Central Park), chatted with the photographer (Shannon Nicole Smith) , made a call to Ron Duncan for music, and sent emails to the rental company (Rentaland). Everything was in place and all we had to do when we got home were the “extra’s.”
Within the month we were home, we all worked very hard on bagging Lavender, making the programs, putting together the out of town bags, painting Champagne glasses for favors,  water bottles, picking up supplies, painting the sign in board, wrapping presents for the wedding party and making sure that everything was perfect for everyone.
And guess what…
Everything was absolutely Perfect.

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