Cruise Adjustment

Adam and I have spent a lot of time talking about the crew on our ship. They come from many countries from all over the world…many from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Croatia and India to name a few. We have found ourselves starting a conversation with many of them. They are all more than excited to talk to us about their country…and since we have been to a few of these places, they get even more excited. They have told us that they are onboard working for 7 months and off the ship for 5. Many have wives and children back in their country.
Adam and I though, have been very curious about their first adjustments and education upon arriving on board for the first time. Are they given training about American culture? This we do not know. What do they think about the idea of people paying to go on a cruise? Then, spending $5.95 on a budweiser, when a beer in their country is $0.50.

What do they think about all the complaining we do when everything seems to them to be just perfect? The other morning at breakfast, we heard a couple behind us complaining. From what we picked up was that their son (who was 30 and doesn’t know any better) and his wife, a teacher, bought them 2 bottles of wine delivered to their room for the woman’s birthday. The woman was complaining that the cruise company should know, since they have traveled with them so many times, that they don’t like Chardonnay, they only drink Pino Grigio. The computer systems should know. Forget the fact that it was a gift. I wanted to be sick…so imagine what these foreigners who believe that these cruises are trips of a lifetime, must think.
What do they think about the nonstop food, and the quantities everyone puts on their plates, when in their country rice and limited amounts are allotted to many of them. What about the size of Americans? As we traveled these past few months, everyone’s opinions were that American’s are fat…and I never have really stopped to look around. But, here on the boat, if you park yourself in one spot for 20 minutes, the percentage of overweight people is sickening. It’s absolutely disgusting how fat people here are. The elevators on board say that the max is 18 people, but we have been in with 4, and had a tough time with space. I am not quite sure where and when this change began. It isn’t just the younger generation of children, many of them were in their 40’s-60’s.
Everyday, people are loading themselves up with fruity drinks, endless ice cream, and platters of food from the lido deck. So, what do these foreigners write home about after their first impressions and weeks here at work? I would be very curious to have a look.

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