What to do

Lately Adam and I have done a lot of talking, and talking, discussing what on earth is next. We have so many options in front of us which makes things really exciting.
We have narrowed them down to a few: (but they could change or be added to very easily)
1. Stay in the states, move to Denver area, work in bookstores and such and build our business plans for photography and my shop. Get an apartment and unpack our things..begin the grind of making it here.
2. Move back overseas and teach again…giving us the opportunity to save thousands of dollars, travel to new places, live within new cultures and sign a one year contract. Still work on our business plans and develop them in detail while we are gone.
When we look at it like this, really one does stick out as a way more fitting choice for us. Im sure those of you who know us see this too.

Let’s say we do pick #2.
We have searched this option and have come to the conclusion that back to Asia, at this point is our choice. In South America, you make very little, not even enough to truly save a dime. On top of the fact, most countries you have to go there first to find a job. In Europe, you have to have EU citizenship or pay hundreds of dollars to recruiting firms and visit job fairs to get into an International School. In SE Asia, you also make very little and after traveling to them, we are not sure which country we would love to live in. So, right now, we are looking into Japan, Taiwan and Korea. We have filed out and contracted many schools in Japan, but not one has sent us back anything promising. One wants me to skype a first interview, but fly there for a second…and without an absolute promise of a job, I just can’t take that chance.

Yesterday we found a Korean market on Lee Rd. and Edgewater, walked in and it was Publix size. It was a mini E-Mart and everyone was so friendly. Teaching us what to buy for bulgogi sauce, asking us how we knew Korean and what we were doing in their store. We bought Kimchi and tons of side dishes. Last night, we had a Korean feast and all we could talk about was the kindness and joy from the wonderful people of Korea. It was one of those moments where you flashback to thousands of memories and joy with a most amazing group of people in a absolutely beautiful country.

It is a little hard applying for these jobs at the moment, because my P’s and Q’s aren’t in order. My passport is out being name changed, so I don’t have all of the documentation I need to follow through on completing the interview process for many places. But, I am hoping if one does come through, paying the extra money for expediting will be worth it.

So, this is what has been going on the last few weeks in our heads, on our computers and in our discussions. Nothing is solid or set in stone, just ideas and more bouncing around to figure out what is best for us and what we want.


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