A taste of Korea in Orlando

Two weeks ago we went in search of a Korean Restaurant in Orlando. There is about 3 that came recommended. We ended up at the Shin Jung Korean Restaurant off of Colonial. The food was great and atmosphere quite like the places in Gwangju, except we sat at tables. (The Seoul Garden in Maitland and Korean House in Longwood are two other very recommended places.)

Adam got bibimbop, a rice bowl, and I had Chamchi Kimchi Jjigae Soup, Tuna Kimchi Soup…

 The other day, we found a Korean Grocery Store, WooSung Oriental Market…the inside was just like Emart with the aisles of pepper paste and seaweed and smilie Koreans wondering how we could read the Korean on the packaging. The store said it was Oriental, but 3/4 was all Korean and the rest was a mix of Chinese and Thai.

If you notice…those of you who know..my whole outfit… courtesy of Time Zone …downtown Gwangju, Korea!

 We bought the goods to make our own homemade bibimbop…for about 3 x’s the price that you pay in Korea. A bottle of Makali was $8 where in Korea it is closer to $2. Shawn and Tiffany came over to feast on Gimbap, Kimchi, Sprouts and Bibimbop with us. We picked up one Korean pear and some Peppero for dessert.

The food tasted scrumptious and we can’t wait to try another dish. Mashiesoyo!


  1. Right before I left I went to a really good Korean restaurant in Dr Phillips. I don't remember the name but it was near the Fresh Market, but in the next plaza over. I love Korea!


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