liberation from "stuff"…again ;)

As is the case, we tend to form attachments to things…things that really should not be held so closely to us for some intrinsic emotional or sentimental reason…but alas…they do. And because of this…we have “the stuff”. It fills our attics, our room shelves and most definitely that drawer in the kitchen that we hesitate to reach into anymore because last time we touched something sticky.

It’s ok…there are special things that we keep….and then one day we have an epiphany…so we toss them, or donate them to goodwill. But then…we feel bad…and then that feeling goes away forever and we ultimately remove any memory of that item from our brains database for good. And thats it….thats how we are liberated. We emotionally detach from our stuff.

When we moved to Korea I remember feeling the weightlessness of ridding myself of old books, juicers, CD’s…shot glasses….stonewashed jeans and posters. It all seems a bit or ridiculous when you list it out. More ridiculous is the logic I used to convince myself to keep all that crap for so long….but you know exactly wat i’m talking about don’t you?

Now that we are on the doorstep of our next move I am just as excited to do more with less. Our move to Denver will be with only a few small boxes and our suitcase full of clothes…mainly my t-shirts (because in my own hypocritical way, I cannot part with them…but cut me some slack..its a process).

We will travel light and its that weightlessness that carries over into everything we do. It’s easier to move about life with less baggage because at the end of the day I know that all I need…. is my people, happy thoughts and a couple eggs in the mornin.

Liftoff in 4 days yall!

Thanks for reading!


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