Part of our move-in process called for the addition of a new pet. not tat Olive isn’t enough of a companion for the two of us….we just thought some marine life might be cool to have around.

Beta fish are a lazy man…or woman’s answer to having a fun tropical fish that requires little or no maintenance…kinda like a yorkie, with fins. We spotted an electric blue Beta at the petsmart nearby and decided that he was the one.

Now, naming our little blue man was the hard part. We asked for some assistance from the facebook community which produced some pretty awesome names like, Caper, Poseidon, Master-Beta and Alpha. Howerver, in the end, the name Splash seemed only fitting. every 3 minutes or so our underwater buddy makes a leap for freedom out of his tank resulting in….yup, a splash.

So there ya have it. I give you…Splash.

Thanks for takin a dip,

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