Art from my husband

This week we worked on two projects (besides job hunting and interviewing).
One…hanging artwork.
Two…transferring my garden over into pots.

As for hanging artwork, it really helps having an awesome photographer as a husband. I have always wanted a wall of doors and windows from around the world. Who knows what has happened or developed behind each one. So, we have begun that wall… I ran out of matching frames in order to add more.


We also have a small wedding wall, courtesy of our wedding photographer .

We then took a collection of our travel photos and lined our western wall with them…

We also replanted my seedlings into wonderpots which are supposed to aid in oxygen flow and indoor gardening.

So, as for our projects for next week…I think it will start with taking the elevator down to the basement to go to the gym everyday (Adam’s pretty good about it, but I’m a slacker)
In addition to continuing our job hunt (we both have a few we are very anxious to hear about) We also have to make it to the Drivers License Bureau.

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