For most of our readers, this may not interest you, so you can skip over this post. But, many people are searching the internet for real stories of people using TAM. So, I am going to share my experience so far.
I first heard about the Tracy Anderson Method from a co yogi who just had a baby and was using it to get back into her old self again. I figured I can do anything for 30 days and with so much free time on my hands, what was spending $17 on a book?

So here I sit, on day 7, of my 30 day adventure and I have much to share. Tracy Anderson is a trainer to stars like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and JLo. She focuses on accessory muscles and tons of reps…very little weight and dancing.  The 30 method is basically a jump start to your life is how she puts it. You are supposed to surrender over your meals and 2 hours a day to her plan and in the end, you are retraining your mind, your body and your skin to sit firm and healthy. She wants you to follow it to a T and hey what’s 30 days.
I began researching online many other bloggers and actual humans who have tried her method and most all say its hard. Many alter it to fit their needs and some give up. But, most move through it and then buy her Meta series and continue on 4-5 days a week for the rest of their lives and enjoy her workouts. Her workouts are not impossible and the fact that you can do them in your living room really do help. She trains you on making time for yourself so you can accomplish enjoying working out. Her MC or Muscle Conditioning is strange. The movements change every 10 days and after 25 to begin and 60 to end reps of each you feel like everything will fall off. You find some movements are easy and others really make you want to throw the book out the window. The cardio is dance cardio. I put on Pandora (Boom Boom Pow station) and it goes by super quick.
So lets start on Day 1.
I found a prepared grocery list on le musings of moi blog and copied it, and headed to the store. Who knew buying greens could be so expensive. People who eat healthy really must budget in so much for raw veggies. We ended up spending close to $200 (which is about well, way more than what we normally spend) Of course this also included all of the herbs and vinegars that you only need to buy once. Adam and I spent many hours on a tangent about how unfair society is that in order to be healthy you have to go broke, but a weeks supply of frozen pizzas and macaroni is way cheaper.
I found the first 2 days not bad, although I couldn’t sleep I was so sore. My reps were at 25 and I barely made it through the end.
On day 3 I added in some Ovaltine into my diet because I felt my body needed extra calories and vitamins. I am a relatively healthy person and know when my body doesn’t feel right.
On day 4, I did no cardio… Adam and I went to the car show and walked about 8 miles around the city. However, I did do my muscle work and eat right. I did add a 1/2 a fiber bar into my meals…once again I was starving during our walk and I wasn’t going to be exhausted.
On Day 5, I was tired and still sore. I did not work out. I did eat right. I did not beat myself up over it. I know that it is okay to take breaks…even my husband in rock out shape takes time off. You must listen to your body.
On Day 6, I was finished working out by 8 am…felt great.

Went grocery shopping for the next 5 days and only spent $120 which was more toward what we usually spend.

Today is Day 7…I feel good. I haven’t started my workout yet, but plan to when I am done typing.  The food today sounds delish…it is a mushroom omelete roll-up, baked chicken with broccoli, cucumber mint relish and grilled salmon with roasted carrots.
The portions are decent and the meals are easy to make. I always prepare my snack the day before (the cucumber mint relish today) that way when I get hungry I can grab at it instead of being hungry and trying to make it.

I have also been drinking only hot tea and water and not really missing my coffee to much.

We do not have a scale, but I did take my measurements on April 1 and will do it again on April 10 and will give you a new update. Also, by then I will be on the second group of Muscle work and well we shall see.

So, basically here is my review. The TAM is great. There are fantastic support systems on facebook and through blogs. Many women do the workout and are very successful with it. The food is delicious. To make it easy, Adam eats his own breakfast full of goodness, his own lunch and snacks and then I make enough of the dinner for the two of us. I look at Tracy’s smug grin during the cardio and all I can think when I watch her dance is of how I used to love being a goof with my friend and dancing around the room to Paula Abdul. Her dance moves remind me of that.  I think the number one thing everyone has to remember is to adapt the workout just a bit to make it work for themselves, or else, after a few days, you will quit….most of us are on the wagon off the wagon people when it comes to diet and exercise. Just remember the 30 day method is to retrain yourself, to learn portion size, to enjoy fitness.
You need a good blender, which we don’t have…but will get one eventually.
And just an FYI…for everyone…AMAZING homemade pudding recipe:
Coco Chestnut Pudding
1/2 c semi sweet chocolate chips
2 tbs peeled and cooked chestnuts (I didn’t buy these and made the recipe with walnuts)
1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder (I used ovaltine)
4 whole pitted dates (you can use prunes or dried blueberries)
2 tbs unsweetened coconut flakes
Melt the chips and set aside. Puree the rest of the ingredients Add chocolate and pulse until everything is combined. Add 1/2 c. of water and check the consistency. It should be soupy. Don’t worry it firms up in the fridge,…DELICIOUS DESSERT!

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