TAM day, 19


This is a picture of my brother and I. He is visiting from Florida. Good News, he says I look great.Like Ive lost 15 lbs…he’s a guy…I would only give myself 5…but my scale should be here this week so I can finally see a number based on what TAM has done in these first 18 days.

My week on TAM went well. I am totally in a decent routine. I am happy with the exercises and see muscles in my arms and shoulders when I work out and it feels good. I also got my hair cut and dyed this week and feel extra fantastic.

One bad thing about my brother being in town is that he likes to eat out. I don’t. Adam and I are on a tight budget right now until we both find solid work (we have only been in Denver for a month now). But, since Brandon is visiting, we have gone out. Friday we took a tour of the Coors Brewery in Golden. It was a lot of fun and I did drink 1/2 a beer. But, I didn’t even want it. It tasted great but my mind talked myself out of finishing it. Then we went to Dave and Busters for dinner. I ordered a salad with chicken. No dressing and used lemons. I felt okay after eating it but was like why did I spend $12 on a salad I could have made at home?

Yesterday we went to Breckenridge to see the cute town. The ski town was great, but so cold. The bright colors and totally hip fashion of the mountain was fun to look at. There was so much snow and coming from Florida it was like a dream. We went to the Breckenridge Brewery and I had a Vanilla Porter. It was delish!!! I didn’t finish it, but really enjoyed it and ordered a chicken sandwich for lunch. I only ate the bottom part of the bun but did indulge in sweet potato fries. They were really good but I truly felt sick all night. Even this morning as I type I can still feel the food in my belly.

So, I figured I should check my measurements. I am down 13 cm which is about 5 inches. 

Im happy about it, but know that today and tomorrow and probably Tuesday we will eat out one meal a day. I don’t feel bad about eating the food, it is more how I feel after…it really does hurt.

Anyway, I am really happy TAM came into my life and have ordered Meta, the next workout series. It is 90 days and I will start right after I am done with BC.

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