As many of you know, I have become a member of the Denver Cheesecake Factory team. I am hopefully soon to be a server on the floor…after I pass my 300 question test next weekend. There are more than 200 items on the menu, 36 cheesecakes, other desserts and coffee’s, alcohols etc…so much to learn.We have had training all last week in the classroom and have floor training next week to become more familiar with the line and the way Cheesecake works. I am really happy to be a part of this chain. It is the largest casual dining chain in America and the most profitable. Our store does over $250,000 a week which means money in my pocket! The restaurant was started by a family in Beverly Hills, California..the Overtons. Previous to opening the first restaurant, they had a cheesecake shop in Detroit and then later in LA. They wanted to create a place where people would come for dinner, go to a movie and then come back for dessert…which is what it is today. David Overton, their son, said that he tried forever to change the name so it had a more effective presentation considering everything that they serve there, but he never found the perfect one, so it stayed The Cheesecake Factory. And so begins my adventure at The Cheesecake Factory…


  1. I wonder if you would get to remember me, but my name is Eric.. I was in your class in Avalon in Guang-Ju campus. I was really glad when I found the letter that you gave me when you left us in Korea. Well, if you get to come to Korea again, I would be more than glad to see you, and thank you for everything that you gave me.


  2. Thats so awesome mrs nicole!!! You get to work with cheesecake. I would be big as a house if i worked with anything food wise that i love. =] good luck!! i hope you get it!!


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