owning it

This is something that is very simple. I learned long ago that only you can change your life. Everything that happens requires a response and then the result is what you own. You made it happen.
Life really gives you what it believes you can handle, regardless if it is good, bad, easy or hard. It is what you do with these challenges that determines what happens, how it effects you and truly who you are as a person..inside.
I think it is really hard for some people and some instances to see clearly the owning aspect of a situation and how it effects the people around you and most importantly yourself.
To me, I have become accepting of this idea of owning problems, situations, emotions, outbursts, consequences etc. I am by no means perfect and make mistakes and the wrong choices often, but I know that the result is definitely mine and what I deserve.
Our first reaction is blame or denial. Some people get stuck here in this spot and can’t move on. They don’t understand or know how to reach the real source of the issue so they are unable to own the outcome whether it be a reward or consequence.
Recently there has been quite a bit going on with people around me. The idea of stepping back and owning the problem and the outcome comes nowhere near their train of thought, only blames and excuses. Personally I believe that there is no place for this in life. Nothing will ever get solved or prevented from happening again until the root of the issue is taken to heart, owned and resolved internally so that the outcome is more of a positive then a repeating negative.
This kind of sounds like a math equation or a science lesson, but in a way…maybe it is easier to look at it that way then a personal one.

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