We have now been in Denver for 4 months and 2 days. Adam and I both have jobs…I’m at The Cheesecake Factory on the 16th Street Mall and Adam is at Super Target in Glendale. We have a beautiful apartment located 2 miles from Downtown and 5 blocks from the big City Park.
We invested in an awesome Yamaha Vino scooter that I ride to work. Adam uses the most efficient RTD mass transit here in the city.
Olive has met a few friends and we have a few favorite restaurants around town.
Our life is quite situated and scheduled which is new for us. Ants in our pants is slowly upon us and we are looking at new vacations and places to visit in the Spring. (We must save up)
Adam has been working on his photography and we have ventured all around Denver. Soon, we hope to make it up into the mountains to explore a bit more of the state.
We haven’t been much of bloggers lately due to the very not too user friendly
I promise that over the next few days we will write more, post more and show you more of what we have discovered in this beautiful outdoor state.


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