Adam and I purchased a Yamaha Vino back in June from a pawn shop. It has become our primary mode of transportation. Most of the roads here in Denver have a speed limit of 35 or less which is perfect for the bike. Alone, I can get the bike up to 40 Mph…with the two of us, we can get to 35 and when Olive joins us along with bags of groceries, we top out at about 30.

We have taken the skills we learned in Asia and load our bike up with all of our purchases at the grocery store. I will drive, Adam sits on the back holding a big bag with each hand…one bag goes into our box on the back and one fits under the seat.

The tank is only 1 1/2 gallons and we fill up for under $5. The bike goes anywhere from 70-100 miles on a tank..depending on the load we are carrying.

We have recently been bringing Olive on the bike. You can see her over Adam’s shoulder in the rear view mirror. When riding alone, I wear my backpack and caribeaner her into it. She rides on my chest and really loves it….now in addition to the word “cookie”,  and “going outside” she totally reacts to the word “bike.”

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