My momma

That lady right there…thats my Mom. I have to say that in 31 years I have never seen her double fist a drink…and for that matter drink a whole Margarita. I miss my Mom and love that I was able to meet her here in Bethesda, MD. She is sleeping right now…must have been that Margarita and my Mountain Time clock must have kicked in because I am wide awake.
Although we are not here in Maryland for necessarily fun times…we are together, having some much needed girl time and well that makes the experience (I hope) a little more bareable.
My Mom is a trooper, she is a fighter and at this point, she is just the strongest human I know…Im talking Superman strong. For the last 12 1/2 years she has been fighting against the evil C Monster that has insisted on testing her. Weekly rediculous medicines are given to her to keep the Monster at bay and she goes on, lives life and trys so hard to show everyone that nothing can stop her. And tonight, in Maryland, less than a mile from that crazy NIH campus down the road, a Guapo’s Margarita has put that Superhero to bed. Time to rest up so tomorrow not even a CT and the C Monster can get in her way.

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