1 up and Red Square

We have been attempting to discover some night life here in Denver and in August we went to the infamous 1-up Bar and Red Square. Both are pretty unique places that you should get to when in town.

The 1-up features over 30 vintage arcade games (1985 and older), 2 lanes of “Original” Skee Ball, and 8 pinball machines. In addition to our mechanical games we also offer “Giant Jenga” which can be played on any table!! Adam really liked to push the envelope on Jenga, Darryl liked to take risks and remove the hardest piece and I just went with the flow. When the game falls though you definitely should back up…blocks of wood are loud and dangerous when the tumble.

Across the street from my work is Red Square. There you can find 100 frozen vodkas, flavored vodkas and wine. You can find strange garlic infused or delicious strawberry ones that you purchase for $25 a carafe and take shots with your friends. This can be very dangerous because by the time the first carafe kicks in, you are already well into your second.

Quite a fun night our, but haul a cab on your way home ๐Ÿ™‚


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