Daddio’s Visit

 A few months ago already (my gosh how time flies) Daddio, Natasha and Kata came to visit.  We had a ton of family time, deep conversation, laughs and wine. Kata was truly the star of the weekend…full of hugs and love for everyone.

Shawn and Kata spent many hours loving each other and making funny faces.

Coffee is always a must with Daddio. Here we are sitting outside in Cherry Creek, enjoying the sunshine and a great cup of joe.

 We took a trip to Red Rocks to see the great amphitheater, do some cliff jumping and see the old dinosaur bones.

 In Boulder, we roamed Pearl Street and took in the fall leaves.The kite store was by far our favorite.

 With the exception of some Haagen Daz…which was probably in Katas top 10.

 My favorite day was Sunday, we headed to Cheeseman for a picnic, some football, kite flying and scooter riding. The weather was perfect and I think none of us wanted the sun to set.

We can’t wait for a return visit, more memories and of course time together. XOXOXO

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