Road Trip, Day 5 Sedona, Mesa & Scottsdale

We packed up early and headed South out of the Grand Canyon towards Phoenix. Just outside of the park grounds we came across a huge Fred Flintstone. Like a 30 ft tall Fred. We pulled into Bedrock and got .05 coffee, used their bathrooms and toured around the gift shop. Only paying guests were allowed to go down the huge Dino slide and see the rest of the city behind the cafe. (Kata we know you would have loved it!)

 Heading further south down beautiful 89A highway, which at first is not such a site, but about 30 minutes in, watch out for the scenery that will take your breath away, we headed into Sedona. Sedona is a very earthy town with their vortexes and natural spirits of the people living there. The town itself is a little touristy but very quaint and nice to walk around. I would love to stay at one of the road side inns at another time. Adam tried to find his inner cowboy, I think he is mighty hot with that 10 gallon on.

This video is the nice block of downtown Phoenix.
We met my Cousin Saul in Mesa for some yummy Mexican and sight seeing. Although for some silly reason, we did not take a single picture with him.
Afterwards, we spent a good 2 hours looking for a deal on a hotel in the area. We ended up never finding a hotel in Phoenix. The area was not so settling and so we headed out to Scottsdale for the night. We decided after 4 nights camping, a hotel and hot shower were due.

 Scottsdale reminded me a lot of Winter Park. There were tons of art galleries, restaurants and cacti (which you can’t find in Winter Park) The downside was that at 8:30 on a Saturday night we headed out into the town and everything was closed.

 The best part of Scottsdale per Adam would be that the hotel served free continental breakfast, he had fourths.

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