Road Trip, Day 3 & 4…The Grand Canyon

 We made it after 3 days, to The Grand Canyon…that huge thing in the middle of America that many dream of seeing. We have arrived! The first thing we did was head to the camp site to set up camp. Across the street from our camp site was a deer…just hanging out. There was snow on the ground in most of the camp sites, but we found one that had a nice clearing for our tent.

 After a brief setup, we got really good at setting up the tent, we headed out to hike around the rim (not the whole thing…only about 3 miles) of the Grand Canyon. The one bad part about the time of year we chose to hike was the early setting of the sun. It seemed to give us not as much time to play, earlier bed times and much colder temperatures.

 Early in the morning of day 4 we hiked out on the Southern Trailhead down the slippery ice and into the canyon. We only descended about 1500 feet, (the Grand Canyon is like 7000 feet or something ridiculous like that) but the view was incredible.

 As we trekked down, we wolfed down trail mix and stripped off the layers… oh and took a ton of super model poses.

 At the bottom of our trek, there were mules and their  cowboys in chaps…which I just couldn’t help but stare 🙂

 We took our Apple & Eve juices with us for energy and rejuvenation.

 Adam took a scary spill (similar to Jeff’s in Japan) (HINT: the ground is 1 foot down)

On the trek up we counted steps and took breathers, I am just not nearly as physically fit as that stud muffin husband of mine.

We finished the day and the hike with a nice Grand Canyon brew, an excellent night camping and more days of adventure ahead. We also wanted to add a very cool note about the water at the canyon. One very easy way for the National Park to make money would be to sell water to all  the guests and hikers. But, instead you bring your own water bottle and can fill up at any of the billboards with faucets on it around the park…very yummy tasting and crystal clear.

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