Road Trip, Day 7, Rattlesnake Ranch

The Rattlesnake Ranch deserves its own thunder.

Way down a very long, windy, cow ridden, dirt road lies the Rattlesnake Ranch. We were told by the cowboys in Tombstone to check it out. A retired couple from Illinois, (the husband actually grew up in Gainsville years ago) left the big city to create and become rattlesnake hunters. They use the skin from the rattlesnakes to create art. But, even more impressive is their massive collection.
They have collections of everything. When you first see the area, you may think it is a junk yard or something because there is so much stuff. But, as you begin to walk around you can see the order and amazing collection these two have. They have everything from old glass bottles, to type writers, irons, sewing machines, lanterns, army hats… and the list goes on and on and truly on. Here are some pictures of their collection.

After leaving the Rattlesnake Ranch we headed off to Gleeson to see the oldest jail…not too much of a thrill.

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