Road Trip Day 8 continued….

As you can see, Adam was quite upset that we left the meat cooler..whereas I did nothing but laugh about it. I think his heart sunk a little when he realized the cooler was gone.

We left Carlsbad and headed North to Roswell. We went to the UFO museum and man it was interesting. They had so many facts and newspaper clippings, photos etc.

It makes it very hard to believe that the whole situation didn’t take place. I am a strong believer that we are not the only ones in the universe and find it all very fascinating. I also think it is pretty awesome that more than 40 years ago this took place, how much more developed their technology is than ours!

After Roswell we headed west to Santa Fe. What an absolutely beautiful city. The architecture is just what I had hoped for. It was hacienda style and so quaint.

We also found a store that sold doors from India. I fell in love and wanted to buy everything up, making a house full of those doors.

I called my cousin Jeff, whom I haven’t seen since I was 10 I think. He lives in Taos which was about 90 minutes north of Santa Fe. So, we drove up through the mountains of New Mexico (It is not all desert which was news to me) and met up with him to spend the night.

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