Peanut Butter Jelly Time

 …..slightly off topic…but then again, isn’t everything? Well anyway….now that i’ve wrapped you around my finger with my massively deep revelations….let me blow your mind.
The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is in my opinion and icon….but as in many icons….it too can become stale and overly exploited. Such was the inspiration I found in my gourmet PBJ creation….and the fact that I was hungry enough one night to eat like i’d swallowed a dime bag. 
No, my inspiration is not inspirational but the end product was. A sandwich that redefines the legend. 
Now, after you pick up the pieces of your exploded cranium…..grab some bread (preferably something wheat with oaty-ness)…and add the following;
-peanut butter on both slices (the natural stuff…trust me)
-honey ( in a zig zag pattern across only one side (unless you are in fact Pooh bear…then go nuts my friend)
-on the honey side, sprinkle a generous handful of raisins
-on the opposite slice spread plain greek yogurt on top of the peanut butter (again…go with it)
-sprinkle a handful of honey nut cherrios on top of that yogurt 
-place small slices of banana over the raisins
-put the slices together, close your eyes and pretend to be religious if just for a moment and thank the sandwich gods for the moment in your life about to happen.
Eat, Smile……repeat as often as possible and be happy. :)!
thanks for reading,

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