too young to be worrying about weight

This has nothing to do with our move, or Japan or Colorado. It has to do with society. I am not a parent, yet. But, I have grown up around children and almost every job I have ever had, I have had direct contact with children. I have seen bullying, I have seen the issues children face.

Being obese sucks.I don’t know first hand, but I have seen it. It is so easy to place blame. It is hard to break any habit or practice, whether it be an eating habit or an attitude, or an opinion.

As you grow, you learn habits from your family….weekend activities, outlooks on life, health and eating habits too.

Is this ad going too far? I am not sure. I think maybe it might hit home with many people.

I  currently work in a restaurant and see what people feed their kids…tons of sugared lemonade and soda, fried foods… We do have grilled chicken on the kids menu, but you know how many people order that over the cheese pizza, grilled cheese or chicken fingers?

Do you know before kids can talk, they can recognize the yellow M and know french fries.

As we head over to Japan, I remember so much about Korea. I was a size large then (at 5 ft. 132 lbs.) Here in America…I am an XS and down to (5ft, 118 lbs) Before we left, I would wear size M in Target tank tops, now, I am in XS. The clothes are being made different to work for all here. In Korea, I had no self esteem issues because I knew I could never look like one of my skinny asian coworkers. Here in America, I am one of the smallest. I know we have different bone structures and builds then over there, but still, I think something is being said here.

I know this is a really touchy subject. But, we must get active and teach healthy eating habits. Eating out isn’t always the best way to do it. In order to lose weight and get this nation back on track, we need to spend less time on our rears on our phones or computers and more time outside and being active, exercising and enjoying life. We need to cook more and spend quality time with our families instead of in front of the TV or in our separate rooms on the one of four computers in the house. We must become less lazy and more proactive.

There has been a huge increase in the size of people since the 80’s and 90’s when I was growing up. The future is not looking so pretty.

Sorry for the rant, and I know that this is a tough topic for people. It just stinks that young children are already feeling this way when they are supposed to be young, carefree and enjoying life.

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