farewell trusty…"hole"-y…predominantly unfashionable wardrobe :(

You were cheap, kinda wrinkled, sorta moth ball smelling and mysterious…..but you were always there when I needed you….and without you, i’d be naked. But alas, our time together has come to an end…..the seas of change are upon us and I must ship you back from where you came from…..Goodwill. That’s right thrift store wardrobe, its not easy for me but don’t fret….some broke college kid with $2 for a shirt and $13 for a cheap bottle of rum is going to give you your youth back in a way my liver just can’t hang with anymore. Its not that I don’t love you……its just…..well….i mean…..the suitcase…its just not big enough for all of you…..and to be quite honest…..some of you make my wife question my sexual orientation and i’m working hard enough as is to the care of that issue on my own. Enjoy college again….or at least college nights with people who hang out at colleges in cheap cloths to drink off free kegs….because you are what makes a keg stand sparkle. So long thrift store clothes…..so long.

Thanks for reading,


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