A little bit of coast, a whole lot of beauty

Today the fog lifted and we set out in the car headed North West towards the coast.
The first plan of business for the day, cross the Golden Gate and get an amazing shot…

Then we headed North on 101 only a few exits to highway 1. There, we went on a very curvy road for a very long time and came upon Stinson Beach. It was so nice to see the Ocean again. It is one thing that I have very much missed being in land locked Colorado. No offense to those in the wonderful snow-capped state, but the Ocean is just so beautiful in my eyes.

There we had a picnic and headed back further west.
Another hour down the curvy coast and through a few little towns…

and past many Historic Dairy Farms labeled A-G we came upon Point Reyes.
The lighthouse was only visible after walking around the cliff.

 We searched and searched for whales and although only 2 were seen today and we saw none of them. Very sad, however, with all of the whitecaps, we had no clue if one of them may have been a whale.

We then headed back up through all of the curves and found Muir Woods…home of the Redwoods and the very first meeting of the United Nations. Each tree can live up to 2,000 years and grow to over 370 feet tall. The trunks were wider than my whole body.

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