Sebastopol Friends

We spent our last few days in California up a bit Northwest of the city in Sebastopol. Why you ask? Well, a very long time ago when I moved to Florida, my Mom worked at the JCC. There Brandon  (my brother) and I went to preschool, after school care and summer camp every summer for basically our entire childhood. I made friends with a group of people that I will forever hold dear to me. Jenifer…seen below, is my oldest friend. She was the girl who we were allowed to have sleepovers even on school nights. She was the one who I was always closest to…we dressed alike, fought like sisters and spent every holiday together. Her Mom was my second Mom and my Mom hers.

I haven’t seen Jen in more than 5 years and before that it may have been for lunch here and there, but not much since high school. Adam and I spent two amazing days up in Sebastopol with Jen, her finance’ Josh, her most adorable little baby girl Harper, her Mom Liza, her brother Trent and our other dear friend Ivy.
At first I was very nervous driving up. I was concerned Adam was going to feel out of place or really like he married a maniac…we tend to laugh like crazy when we are together. I wasn’t sure how or if we would be able to jump back in where we left off. I actually had butterflies in my tummy. When we pulled up and saw each other, it was as if no time had passed. Ivy, Jen, Liza and I went straight to talking, laughing, catching up and eating delicious treats. Harper was a little Gem and is amazing. Adam, Josh and Trent talked it up. We shared stories and really enjoyed ourselves. Jen’s house is completely Jen. It was full of fashionable, super soft and comfy finds from estate sales and hours, weeks, years  of searching for the most perfect accessory. 

We drove around and went to a few wineries, Korbel being the best tour and tasting…and it was free. We saw the coast and Bodega Bay with Liza.
Both Jen and Liza cooked my favorite foods. We sifted through not shoe boxes, but 10 gallon plastic bins full of pictures from our childhood. We reminisced like crazy.
It was as if nothing had changed except that we were no longer caddy young girls who fought and made up every other hour.
It’s amazing to me how after all these years; we have known each other for well….27 years…everything is the same. Our interactions, our laughter, the way we know each other and really love each other are so honest and real. I think it was even greater how our newest additions, Harper, Josh, Adam…all fit right in too. There was so much love for each other and respect. It was so easy to all be together.
It seems to me that no matter how much time lapses between our visits (I definitely hope not as long this time) we always fall right back into place.
We left Sebastopol early this morning to head into the city for a few more blocks of walking and picture taking. We are now sitting on the plane…not flying home early because they wanted us to pay money to fly standby even though they had plenty of extra seats which to me is ridiculous. Our plane was a bit delayed but no biggie. Adam and I sat on the tarmac and watched the sunset over San Francisco, definitely after one fantastic vacation.
Now, I sit here and try not to think how in the morning I am flying right back out to deliver Olive to my grandparents and visit a little in Florida while Adam finishes up with Target and cleaning out the apartment….and then, we Yokohama.


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