Back to Denver, 24 hours and counting

Due to the Winter Storm rolling through Denver, and my standby status, I was a little concerned  about flying home on time and ended up staying in Florida for an extra day. It was busy but great.
I ran into another “fate” moment… At Tijuana Flats, I ran into my old teacher Dr. Werthman who headed up the trip in 2007 to Japan that I chaperoned.

I spent more time with the crazy munchkins and the family.

I picked ordered and picked up some Yen.

and then, left Olive in the most caring hands of my Grandparents. Hugging everyone “see ya later” was extremely difficult this time for some reason. I know we are all so sad because we won’t be near. But the excitement that is building inside for this huge adventure keeps pulling me toward the more positive thoughts than the sad ones.

Although, my Grandpa, who is 91 and my favorite teddy bear in the world told me when I hugged him goodbye that he doesn’t know if he’ll see me again…ripped my heart out and had me in immediate hysterics. I understand his thought process, but to me, he will be here forever and I told him, there may be a baby in maybe a yearish…and well it would be detrimental if that little one never met Papa….so I told him he needed to set a new goal of at least 2 years to stick around.

After a very turbulent ride back to Denver, Adam and Shawn picked me up and we headed over to D’Corazon for some Margaritas and a farewell with some very great friends. Liz, Andrea and Josh came by and it touched my heart.

Then, Jack and Rob came around midnight and took our Bed. We made a little camp site on the floor of our bedroom, just like our very first night here in Denver. We have now come full circle and are running through the last of our laundry so that we can pack up, and clean up.

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