Our Japanese Bathroom

At work, we have one of these amazing contraptions. It is a toilet remote control. Here you can sit on a heated seat, use a bidet in multiple speeds and pressures AND blow dry your rear. I absolutely love it and must have on in the future.

But, at our home, in our guest house, at 2 in the morning when you are comfy in bed and get the urge to pee, you have to go through the unheated hallways to the magical bathroom. We, do not have one of those amazing remote controls.

 If there is one of the 30 men in the building using the urinal, then I wait in the hallway. I did purchase that nice pink soap pump for the bathroom. Something they don’t like is to use is hand soap in the restroom…so I purchased some for everyone.

 And these are the toilets. The one on the right is a squatter. The one on the left is a fake toilet. It is a tube of sorts put onto of a squatter giving you something to sit on…but if you kick it at all, it kind of slides off the squatter part. What you can’t see is the mess that the men leave inside the squatter and the little old cleaning man only comes a few days a week. You also can’t see the windows above the toilets which keep the place nice and chilled.

I will tell you, I usually choose the squatter over the other. I find it 100% easier to use and way more sanitary.

And this here is Adam and the sink. The trough as I call it, does not have hot water (electricity here is very pricy and you can only use hot water downstairs in the shower room). It is always shocking to wash your face and wash your hands in it. Adam loves it, it brings out his animal side!


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