tabemashou! (lets eat!)

….from the moment I wake food is on my noodle (no pun or perverse innuendo intended). Since our arrival two weeks ago we have undergone a steady, yet positive evolution of culinary mastery in our new country. Just to paint a picture….night one was 7-11 rice triangles and milk. Needless to say, I am not willing to live on a convicts diet and thus…we must adjust.

Over the past week we have experimented with a variety of veggies, rice, noodles and fried cakes with a mystery meat I have coined “bliss meat”. Why? because I quite enjoyed this meat and in the spirit of being ignorant to its animal or large insect origin….i eat it with a blissful delight only derived from its flavor and not its actuality. I know….there is really so much more to me than you thought….and its mildly concerning you but your morbid curiosity keeps you reading.

As in Korea, we have maintained a focus on the use of chopsticks whenever possible with the exception of the few times that my hunger has morphed into a blind rage….in which case I use my hands…then rinse them off with my tears of joy. Its rather efficient.

And so the quest continues as we cook, eat, drink cheap wine and ponder……wtf did we just eat?

smile on,

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