a letter from Olive….

Got a letter today from our girl back home!
Hi Mommy and Daddy:
I am doing well.  I love to climb on the kitchen table (which is okay with Grandma and PaPa) to watch the kids, cars and school buses go by.  I went for a walk with Grandma and did my thing.  For breakfast, I had an egg witch  I devoured.  You should see the back porch – oh, how I love it out there.  I would love to get at the squirrels but really, noone will let me do it. I can’t run in the backyard because the slats have spaces which are too large and I might climb through and get lost.  Oh well!
Yesterday, Bryce and Brayden visited.  Bryce carried me in his arms – Brayden hasn’t grownup enough to carry me safely.
Today, Grandma is going out with my grandma Marla. I will stay home with PaPa – you will be sleeping.
I almost forgot to tell you yesterday, I was tied up in the open garage (I was not alone) while Jonathan and PaPa cleaned out the attic.  Marno and Pete his Master dropped by – I am more friendlier to Marno now.
There is another dog that walks by with his Master – I became friends with him also.  Oh, so many dogs!
Gail the lady next door, loves me.  She says that “I am precious”.  She has two house cats now since she lost her doggie just before our family lost Penny.  She held and patted me.
That is all for now – Skype when you can – I love your whistling.

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