KIZUNA Nippon…..

A message of hope and a continued effort towards recovery beamed from the Tokyo skyline today to inspire the country during the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged northeastern Japan last March 11th. “KI-ZU-NA” (“Bonds-Japan” in English) seems an appropriate gesture as it symbolizes not only the coming together of the Japanese in a time of struggle, but a joining of spirit across the globe.

Although the circumstances differ greatly…drawing on our experience of 9/11 in the US allows Nicole and I a deeper understanding of how important a day of remembrance can be….especially for those who were lost at that time.

One year later Japan’s displaced struggle to find a way to return to a life they once knew both emotionally and physically. The determination on the part of the people however seems unbreakable and I can only hope that the Japanese governments and local authorities do right by their people’s commitment to rebuild and become stronger.

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