A few weeks ago we took the subway north to Asukasa. This district is part of the “old downtown.” It was settled by merchants back in 1603. The entrance gate to the area is called The Kaminarimon…meaning the Gate f the God.  The street of shopping just after the gate leading to the temple is Makamise-dori. 

We bought these great red bean filled cookies that are made in front of you and served hot.

At the end of all the shopping is the Kannon Temple or Sensoji Temple. It is the oldest temple in all of Tokyo. 
The ceiling in the temple was most impressive to me.

Outside the temple, we paid 100 Y to shake a stick out of a container. The stick had a Japanese symbol and we had to open the corresponding drawer with the symbol for our fortune. Unfortunately, we did not get a good fortune.


 It said “No. 70 BAD FORTUNE” Thunderbold occurs at the grass in the garden, which means that lower people under you give you damage and hurt you. FIre flies up to the sky means upper and lower people don’g get along, making you struggle to each other. Although you really hope to get fortune with earnest desire and working hard trying to get it, but the entrance is closed and you have nothing to do with it. Your request will not be granted. The patient is hard to recover. The lost article will not be found. The person you wait for will not come over. Building a new house and removal are no good. Marriage of any kind, to start a trip and hire new employee are all bad.

All Adam and I could say to each other was hmmmmm………….

The 5 story pagoda seen here is a replica that was built after the war. 

The area is really nice and you can spend a good day wandering the main and side streets. Walking a few blocks in all directions will take you into some great shopping as well.

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