When in Japan…Sushi it up

We decided to try to make our own sushi. Here in Japan you find mostly sashimi nothing like the creative colorful and flavorful rolls found in the states. That is okay. But, we wanted to make dinner, were starving and thought we would give it a try. We actually had enough supplies to make sushi for two nights.  Our recipe included:
Yellowtail (we think)
red pepper 
We did not have a bamboo mat, but it worked out just fine…the trick I think is to have water on your fingers when you place the rice on the seaweed, but not too wet because then the seaweed gets soggy.
we borrowed a knife and the cutting board from the kitchen downstairs so we could enjoy the experience upstairs.
We finished our meal with chocolate pudding we bought at the store. It was more like the consistency of chocolate jello and definitely only the size of a shot glass.

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