celebrities in Fujigaoka

The guest house we are living in has a website www.interwhao.com/english
We discovered their blog, where we have made quite an appearance. Here are two of their blogs http://interwhao.blogspot.jp/ (translated in English through google translator) and you can see what was said about us. Quite fun!!

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012


There was a party in the House of Fujigaoka last Saturday!

On this day March 17
“St Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day”

In Japan, may not be familiar with much.
Incidentally, I did not know (laughs)
This national holiday from Ireland ☆
In the United States because apparently also called “green day”, in the day to celebrate wearing agreen thing ·

· Green and cookies

· Green fruit

Also green clothes ·
In the United States is the scary-like the green beer seems to come out like I want to drink ☆ · ·
~ ♪ party was eating food brought by each
What a celebration of what ·
Why do green ·
I’ve heard Mr. tenants, ~ I’m in if there is a reason to party can ultimately
Now that (laughs)
♪ is no doubt
~ I will be following or any country in celebration of what? ? ? ?

FRIDAY, MARCH 02, 2012

When the evening · · · ·

♪ you in the kitchen of the house’s residents have gathered to make a dinner

♪ Mr. tenants always smiling

Looking at the hand · · · ·


I was a very well prepared and artistically! Is a little surprised (> _ <) ☆

♪ I hope you will share familiar with through the house to life in Japan

Since the scheme is in the House come from different countries better, and they taught me how Let the rice here after that time ☆


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