Sayonara Japan

50 days later and our time here in Japan has come to an end. For many reasons we have decided to move on. The country here is beautiful, but it is much more of a tourist destination for us than a home.
Today, we board a plane to Busan, South Korea to make it our home for at least the next year.

When we arrived in Japan,  We had 3 more bags than what we are leaving with. I can’t believe we cut out more than 150 lbs of our life’s stuff. Above is when we arrived, below is how we are leaving. 

We have had quite an adventure here, but are now ready for a little bit of stability (or a lot). 
We found a great noodle house at the end of our road where the ambiance was perfect, the chef super adorable and the prices not bad. Adam and I had a nice dinner there. 
Yesterday I had coffee with sweet Akemi who lives upstairs and at night, Mie and Nishibe who run our guest house, First House Fujigaoka, Interwhao Inc, ltd brought over some snacks and wine to chit chat and have a nice little goodbye party.
We will miss the friends we made here, but know that Korea is awaiting our arrival and our list of “can’t wait” for is huge. 
So, with that said, we are off to the airport. 
Sayonara Japan


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