Korea Round 2

We left our wonderful guest house nice and early on Tuesday Morning. Sweet Nishibe drove us to TamaPlaza where we took the Limo Bus to the airport. It runs every 30 minutes or so, costs 2,800 a person and takes 2 hours.
We arrived at the airport only to find out that a nice storm coming from China was going to delay our departure. We noticed immediately the noise coming from the terminal. It was nothing but the joyous Koreans laughing and discussing their vacations in Japan.
I switched my travel hat for my Gwangju Kia Tigers hat in support of the wonderful KBL.
We eventually boarded Korean Air, were given exit seats and also they didn’t charge us for our extra bag! Yay for the little things in life. We were served a meal of fish and veggies with rice. It was quite unexpected especially since the flight was only 2 hours.
We arrived in Korea, went through immigration with no problems even though we only had a one way ticket and were quite concerned with what troubles that may bring.
We collected our bags and headed over to the subway station on the airport grounds. We switched trains twice and then exited the wrong way at a station and ended up jumping in a cab for the remainder of our trip to the motel. It was only a short ride. Korean cabs start at 2,200 won and doesn’t start to accumulate an extra fee for a good 5 minutes into the ride (2,200 is equal to about $2).
Our driver began to ask us  a few questions in English and then told us his other job is singing opera…and belted out some amazingly deep tenor or baritone (I am not sure)
He dropped us off a few feet from our motel and we immediately felt at home.

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