Lexus Love

Deciding to jump ship from Japan to shores of Busan early required some deliberation. One such bullet point was certainly which country would be a more responsible choice on our finances if we were to find ourselves in a 2 week holding period awaiting Nicole’s visa. Lodging for that time really came down to be the key ingredient which in the end was a fairly easy choice. While our 7 square foot Japanese bento box home was cozy….the view was stale and the thought of ingesting another 8 pounds of rice to conserve funds seemed less than a less than desirable future. On the flip side, we knew a love motel had our name on it somewhere in Busan and so we enlisted our good Korean friend Park to make a few calls and find us a good spot to crash for a week or so if necessary. 
The love motel for those not familiar is a pretty simple concept. In Korea, the youngins tend to live at home until marriage which offers very limited privacy and so the love motel offers easy access to that luxury at a very affordable rate. I think it goes without saying that there are other recreational activities going on down each dimly lit hallway that are less admirable but hey…I’m not here to judge.
Our weapon of choice was the “Lexus Motel” which runs roughly 30 bones a night and is nicely equipped with A/C, a 52 inch flat screen, internet ready computer, king sized bed, sofa, water cooler, fridge, and a wetroom with a western toilet, tub and shower. Not a bad setup and more than enough for us. The front desk guy is very smiley and is limited to the phrase, “Hi” in English so while convos are usually quite short, he finds a way to make you feel welcome nonetheless.
Located in Bumnaegol (exit 8 on the subway) with close proximity to shops, eateries and a plethora of apartment options, its been a solid spot for us to get our bearings back on the ROK.

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