Magic Straight

This weekend, the girls convinced me to get a straight perm…with my huge frizz come humid summertime, I thought…perfect girlie time activity.
So I ventured into Juno Salon. 6 stylists sat down with me and using limited English, chokum Korean, and a calculator we agreed on a price and they got to work.
I have no idea how many times they washed my hair, or gave me a scalp massage so intense I thought my eyeballs would pop out of my head and the wind was definitely knocked out of me.
I do know:
1.on the first hair wash, they gasped extremely loud and said, “hair terrible” and “treatment” over and over
2. The kept saying, “high nose, long lash, big eyes, small head…beautiful” I kept saying “no no no, Koreans beautiful” we fought about it
3. They did most of the hair treatments at a table in front of a coffee bar and only straightened my hair in front of a station.
4. My hair is stick straight now and I can’t wash it for 2 days
5. I was given a point card and coupons to come back

So, now, all I need my straightener for is to create curls when I feel the need…but I should just be able to blow dry it normally and magic! Straight!


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