The Gist

My visa still hasnt come in which means we have been paying for a love motel and won’t stop until who knows when. My school emailed me and told me I couldn’t start training until I had my visa, so we said ok.

We went to a coffee shop to get Adam to start searching for jobs using the internet. The problem is, his FBI documentation expires at the end of the month, so his visa has to have been applied for by then. 

So, at the coffee shop we got an IM from our old boss who wanted us to call her. She said she would call our hotel when we got back. So she did. She said they had a couple that up and left in the middle of the night and now have no one to cover the classes until new teachers are hired and are able to come to korea…and alot of her current teachers have scheduled vacation this month.

So, I told her Adam and I would chit chat and get back to her.

Long story and discussion later. We decided that Adam would take her up on her offer if she put through his visa paperwork for him this month…that way he can be released from her “sponsorship” when the new teachers arrive and he can work elsewhere.

So, I came with him Saturday morning to Gwangju. We saw all our old friends. All the old adjumas and people who work at the convenience stores we frequented etc. remembered us and were so happy to see us. We are in a large 3 bedroom apartment (it needs work but is the biggest place we have ever lived in). 

As soon as my visa comes through I will head back to Busan and we will have a long distance relationship for awhile. 

Thats about it for now. I am going to Yoga in the morning with my old teacher. We both cried when we saw each other. There is something sweet about this small town. We also went shopping today and found some great deals at the cheap ole Time Zone. We have to furnish and live out of two homes…so Adam is living very frugally here…but the couple that left in the middle of the night left behind a lot of things so that is good for us.

Thats about the gist of it.


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