a most welcome home….

ok….the idea of living in a “love motel” might seem quite romantic in theory but after 2 weeks of it (most of that time for Nicole by herself)…it was time for a home with clean sheets.

What you don’t see in the collage below is the countless hours of work Nicole and I put in (again..more Nicole than I) trying to nail down a place to live in South Korea’s second largest city.

Easy enough right? Well….the realtors of Busan were less than sharp with their English and my hand gestures only over complicated everything so the entire process had several dimensions of frustration and bewilderment along the way.  We visited what felt like nearly 20 apartments along the search and all but one really clicked for us.

Sure enough, as it always does…the entanglement naturally unraveled and we were able to land the place we had our hearts set on at “The Blue” in Jeonpo-dong near Seomyeon. The 15 story building is really quite nice and a very welcoming environment starting with the friendly security guards. The fact that there is a rooftop garden and free breakfast from 7-8:30am for the first year really made the deal a no brainer. Hell….I would have lived in the dumpster for that…..but my bachelor days are a few years behind me. The bidet locked it up for Nicole ๐Ÿ˜‰

Although small, the space is perfect and little by little it will continue to gel around us and make way for our new life in Busan. Stay tuned for the evolution on floor 13…..

going up?


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