If you need linens in Busan, and don’t know who to contact, here is a great interior designer. His prices are reasonable, he has a ton of material to choose from and will even install everything. 
Even though he doesn’t speak English, and I don’t speak Korean, we were able to figure out an order after a few hours of changing my mind and drawing pictures. 
New handmade curtains and pillows (3 large and 3 small) cost a little under $300. I know it may seem like a lot to all of you in the states, but for some reason any type of linen here is incredibly expensive. We don’t even have sheets yet. A set can be over $100 for the cheap ones (I know Mom is sending some for my birthday) A nice comfortable duvet starts at $400 and curtains are usually over $100. Towels, forget about it. Most are only hand towel size and to get one that actually covers your body, can run easily $25 a piece.

Check out the apartment blog to see more pictures.

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