one last rep…..

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Thursday marked my final day in Gwangju and more importantly, my final morning with my workout buddies at MIR fitness in Bonseon-dong. Prepped with farewell gifts in the form of rice cakes (the same of which i have been offered up so many times) and some instant coffee’s, I had my buddy David translate my parting words.

“As a member of the gym over the past 4 years on and off, its been a pleasure sharing my morning workouts with you all. Never before have I felt so comfortable and welcomed at a gym and it will probably be a while before i find anything similar again. I am grateful for the smiles, high fives and hugs that have been imprinted as a fond memory of my Gwangju and my Korean experience. I’ll keep you guys close and power through the heavy sets of my life with the strength that you all show each and every day in the gym. Thank you for everything.”


It will be hard to find peeps like this again but having the opportunity to come back to Gwangju for 2 more months to share it with them again was truly awesome. Gamsahamnida yall.

its not that heavy,


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