Friendliest Eats in Seomyeon (퇘랑숯돌생고기)

With no shortage of eateries in Busan, finding a spot that you care to frequent on a regular basis can be a bit daunting. As a foreigner its made somewhat more dicey with the “what do they even serve there?” mentality that so many of us fall victim too when choosing a grub spot.

To make the decision that much easier, about 2 months back Nicole and I were kindly invited into (퇘랑숯돌생고기) Tuerang Seungupsal across from the Hotel Angel in Seomyeon. This was to be the first of nearly a dozen or so visits we have made over the past two months thanks to the friendly atmosphere, great prices and uber yummy cuisine.

Our usual hostess with the the mostest, (who we think is a hygienist by day after a somewhat convincing choppy convo) greets us with a smile and welcomes us in each and every time.

Our usual choice of olive garlic meat and original seungupsal coupled with a handful of Cass fresh(beer) all for a tummy tickling 18,000 won makes for a great night out or  pre-game event depending on your liver and determination.

If your a meat-eater, or just a Korean veggie lover, pop in for a bite and I guarantee you’ll be back for more.

mekju hana juseyo!

Do you have a “homey” restaurant you frequent in Korea or elsewhere? Tell us about it!



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