Super Cool Korean Paper Towel Capsules….

I know…catchy title. But its no transparent ploy…this is super cool. Well…cool in the sense that sometimes its just the little things that make you smile. These are indeed little and yes, i smiled…many times.

So, on our journey to Costco in Busan last weekend, Nicole and I happened upon theses little guys. A 300 pack of what seems to be white capsules with a graphic showing them mysteriously morphing into paper towels. Now, this was too much to leave to the imagination so we scooped them up for 9K won and heres the whats what.

Made in Korea by “Vegetable Home”, you get a ziplock full of these lil white capsules…pellets…whatev.

You run them under water for about 2 second…..they magically expand like so….

Unroll the expanded capsule and BAM!….moist towelette. Magic….many smiles.

Oh you wanna see a demo? Ok.

Thank me later,



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