Indoor Greenery

Making messes…I am so good at it.

We have our little window garden that just grows almost like weeds even though I really don’t want to jinx it. I have been wanting to make it better. Improve the hardware so to speak. So, after searching Pinterest (yes again) I decided to make these:

With a little help from my super patient husband, we used puffy paint and spray painted mason jars on the rooftop of our building. I tried spray painting but I ended up with streaks, so he took over.












Then my very impatient self went straight to work replanting. I also found an almost dead tomato vine growing out of the sand where we were spray painting, so I took it home and planted the vine (we shall see if it reroots) I had also saved a pineapple top that we ate the other day (I have always wanted to see if I can get one to grow. Now that we know how easy it is to make these little planters, we have to make more so that it is all uniform! (must save some bigger glass jars though for the pineapple and tomatoes, they won’t fit in mason jars)

The Garden has basil, Rosemary, Cilantro (coriander), Tomatoes, a Pineapple and some sort of vinery plant I am not sure of (its the one in the blue container)


Around the house we have some other plants that are amazingly easy to grow and I definitely recommend them.

This plant started out extremely small and has now grown 3 new leaves and at least 1/2 a foot since we bought it two months ago.






(the picture below was taken on May 5th)

It is now almost too large to keep on a table. We even had to replant it into a bigger planter. Adam wants to time lapse it because the leaves are super cool to watch grow, They spurt as little cylinders that look like straws from the center of each leaf opening near the bottom (wish I could remember my plant parts from 6th grade science) and then slowly open and unravel)

The one on above is awesome. We now have 5 of these in the house. They were about 2.50 a piece and grow in water. They don’t need sun. I have them in the bathroom and living room. You just plop them in a bowl of water and the greenery grows so easily. (If you know what they are called, please do tell!)

Lastly is a most amazing is this. I have no idea what it is called. My Aunt Judi told me, but I forgot. The picture at the top is the mother plant. I bought it on a rainy day for $7. It has grown and grown. I made a few clippings, grew them in water (as the blurry picture on the right is doing now) and replanted them once they grew roots (the picture on the left, it took about 3 weeks)


They are so beautiful and also don’t need too much sunlight.

I am now currently awaiting the growth of my strawberries (still!!) and chili peppers.

What plants do you grow indoors? Do you have any helpful hints to help these babies grow?


  1. What is the name of the plant with three leaves that you wrote “This plant started out extremely small and has now grown 3 new leaves and at least 1/2 a foot since we bought it two months ago.” about? I have 3 of those plants at my house. I’ve been searching everywhere for the name and I can’t seem to find it!


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