Son of a Beach it’s Hot!!!

When choosing our second city of residence in South Korea, geography an climate played an exceptionally large role. Having come off a stay at our coldest location in Denver which at times seemed to be stuck in perpetual winter status, we opted for a happy medium between the mile high city and our Florida roots that landed us in Busan.

As fate would have it however, this summers record breaking heat has left us scrounging for A/C and suckin back waters like a college newby after his first kegger weekend. Busan’s proximity to the beaches has been a nice addition to our weekend options and as such has been a popular get away from the sweltering inner city streets and into the sea breeze bliss that seems to be on everyones to-do list. A recent KBS news story tallied up last Sundays visitor numbers which were pretty significant but not altogether shocking. Haeundae hit the 700K mark while Gwanganri topped 650K visits for the day. (article link)

With the heat going nowhere fast, Busan is the “hot” spot right now and will no doubt see its share of traffic through the next month before the much anticipated cool down.

sweat it out,



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