market day!

Once a week Nicole and I grab our a reusable bags and head out the Bujeon market in Busan about 15 minutes from our home to stock up for the week ahead. In addition to getting massive shoulder workout, we bank on saving some serious cashola as compared to shopping at our mega one-stop shops. After being in town for enough time to know our way around the market, we’ve become somewhat of a regular site and as such its become a much less hectic experience. We know where to go, who to shop from and whats a deal! While the locals may bargain it up, we gladly nod and pay the advertised price and chances are if you (gamsahamnida) and smile enough, you’ll bag some freebies which makes it even more worth it. Our tofu lady for example actually sells from a cart. She’s roughly 167 years old and uber sweet. She wasn’t much for the photo op but thats her behind me in the purple apron. We walk away with 2 massive blocks of fresh firm tofu for less than $2 and are happy to share out business with her.

market love

We’ve mentioned it before i’m sure but I find that many of us that come over are threatened and intimidated by these markets so we opt for the easier more familiar settings. While this is all well and good, if you are working on a way to improve your diet and bank account the markets are far and away your answer. Plue, the locals love when they see us in there and in  way they appreciate the fact that we are trying to be less of an outsider in the way we go about our day-to-day.

Challenge: Test it out for one week…spend the same amount at the local market and your supermarket on fruits and veggies and see which has your shoulders screamin more on the walk home 🙂

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  1. Going to the market is one of my favorite things to do in Tanzania! I love being so close to my food, not removed like in the US. I can’t imagine buying produce at a grocery store ever again.


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