Weekly Photo Challenge – Merge


The first thing that came to mind when I read this weeks photo challenge was our lives. Adam and I eloped a little over 2 years ago at this spot in Koh Samui, Thailand.

We eloped at The Kala Samui. You can read more about that amazing day here.

To merge is to blur the individuality or individual identity and on that day we created a partnership built on love, unity and a commitment to happiness.


merge with confidence and heart,


*The photo was taken by the hotel Photographer*


  1. I left this for you on the Daily Post page in answer to your trackback question: Easiest way is to copy what is posted there and add to your post. But make sure your post is in visual mode not text mode. 🙂
    If you want to track back a specific blog friend’s post, you need to copy the URL of their post first (in that white box/line above each post), open your post in text not visual mode, write something (their blog name, their name, a word), then highlight it with your cursor, click on the box that says “link” in your post, ( a dialog box will open), add the URL you copied to the box that says URL. To add what you copied, just right click your mouse and click paste when a small box appears and then add link at the bottom of the bigger dialog box. Make sure your cursor is in the box that says URL and voila! you are done! Hope this helps. 🙂 It does become easy the more you do it. Here’s a simple example: Adventures We Seek


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